[BD欧美演唱会][蓝人乐团 如何成为超级巨星! Blue.Man.Group How to Be a Megastar Live 2008][BDMV]42.1G

英文片名:Blue.Man.Group How to Be a Megastar Live 2008
中文片名:蓝人乐团 如何成为超级巨星!
类 型:音乐
地 区:美国
文件大小:42.1 GB, 蓝光原盘 1080i
音 轨:Dolby Digital Audio, LPCM Audio
字 幕:带字幕


So, you wanna be a rock and roll star? There s no better way to get into the megastar groove than with Rhino s new Blue Man Group Blu-ray HOW TO BE A MEGASTAR LIVE, filmed and recorded live in front of capacity crowds of over 40,000 fans during a two-day run of the music and performance art trio s exhilarating 06- 07 How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.0. Blue Man Group s inventive new how-to-manual, which expands on the Rock Concert Manual concept from The Complex Rock Tour, will take you through the steps of a wildly clever and interactive show that offers unique all-ages appeal. This Blu-ray contains as bonus features: the video for I Feel Love, the comedic parody Mono Makes a Plea Save the TVs campaign and the documentary Inside The Tube, which provides an intimate look inside Blue Man Group s creative process and history.


1. Above
2. Drumbone
3. Rock Manual Infomercial
4. Time To Start
5. Up To The Roof
6. Altering Appearances
7. Persona
8. Floppie The Banjo Clown
9. Your Attention
10. Piano Smasher
11. Shirts And Hats
12. Sing Along
13. Rock Box Infomercial
14. One Of These Days
15. Shadows Part 2
16. The Complex
17. Light Suits
18. I Feel Love
19. Rock And Go
20. Baba O’Riley
21. Introducing The Band
22. What Is Rock

‧ Inside The Tube (Documentary)
‧ I Feel Love (Video)
‧ Mono Makes A Plea (Video)


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